...being there, but without the crowds

A nomad of Europe for years, I enjoy very much being born in Tuscany, and I’m proud of having introduced many people from all over the world to the Palio of Siena. For many of these people the Palio revealed itself to be the same as for the Sienese; a beneficial addiction, never to be missed. Attending the Palio can be both uncomfortable and expensive, but it’ll always be a unique experience, and a source of great inspiration and admiration for whoever approaches it with the right mind set and curiosity. Plus, beside this, it’ll probably turn out to be most exciting event one can attend.

It takes a real insider to find (good) Palio tickets. After many years in and around Siena, I know all the positions, and I manage the best ones. Be them balconies or grandstands, windows or terraces. And I can crate some truly insider packages, with otherwise sold-out hotel rooms, the best guides and access to some places where defintely not many other tourists have gone before.

Your Palio experience will vary very much according to your selected viewpoint. Still, in the end what counts is your attitude of not just coming to watch a show, but the reality of you embracing being guests of an experience of which you can be part, if you want to. And this is the more specific viewpoint which I’m pleased to be able to offer.

Be there, but without the crowds.

Jacopo della Torre

the Palio di Siena 2016: only selected tickets, by a real expert

Il Palio di Siena from a window