...being there, but without the crowds

...being there, but without the crowds

After an exacerbating mossa, Jonathan Bartoletti brings Giraffa to victory

Jul 2017

This year, the Palio of Madonna di Provenzano very intense and very unusual. The mossa lasted one hour and a half - one of the longest we have ever experienced - caused by the strong personality of Tartuca's horse Tornasol: she categorically refused to align at the starting rope. Even the very experienced fantino Enrico Bruschelli aka Trecciolino was unable to control the nervous horse, forcing the Palio committee to expel Tartuca from the race! When the sun already set and the public streets lights already started to switch on, the race finally took place with a great performance of Jonathan Bartoletti on Sarbana, Giraffa's horse, chased with great effort from Aquila. Bartoletti aka Scompiglio is now a hero in Siena, this is his third consecutive Palio vicotry, after last year historical performance in Lupa, and his fifth in total. We can't wait to see the next challenge on the Palio of August 2017!

Madonna di Provenzano, Luglio 2017

Madonna di Provenzano, Luglio 2017

Aug 2015

Torre and Selva get the Palio 2015

The Palio, agust 2015

Torre and Selva are proud to get the Palio for 2015 season

Dec 2015

The Palio movie, a perfect introduction!

The Palio documentary movie introduces you to the complexity of the race... Which is not really (only) a horse race!

Aug 2016

Palio 2016, Lupa triumphs!

Both Palii are brought in the Cathedral

After waiting for long  27 years, Lupa triumphs in 2016 with both Palii, what a great celebration for Lupa!