...being there, but without the crowds

...being there, but without the crowds

Presentation of the Palio for August 2017

Aug 2017

Modern style Palio for August race. The UK based artist presents her version of the Palio, with clean lines, soft colours and a gentle touch.

The main picture on the drape is a sculpture of Giovanni Dupré, the famous sculptor was born in Siena 200 years ago, and this Palio is dedicated to him.

Aug 2015

Torre and Selva get the Palio 2015

The Palio, agust 2015

Torre and Selva are proud to get the Palio for 2015 season

Dec 2015

The Palio movie, a perfect introduction!

The Palio documentary movie introduces you to the complexity of the race... Which is not really (only) a horse race!

Aug 2016

Palio 2016, Lupa triumphs!

Both Palii are brought in the Cathedral

After waiting for long  27 years, Lupa triumphs in 2016 with both Palii, what a great celebration for Lupa!