...being there, but without the crowds

...being there, but without the crowds

Why this October the 20th 2018 extra Palio

Aug 2018

Extraordinary Palio in memory of the end of the Great War, and maybe a bit more.

Authorities say it is "an exceptionally important anniversary for the construction of our European identity because the political system, the  institutions, the moral, religious and cultural values and mainstream thought of the time where deranged by a decision that was not shared by the majority of the Italian people, but was instead the beginning of a division that had a lasting ideological fall-out."

Aug 2015

Torre and Selva get the Palio 2015

The Palio, agust 2015

Torre and Selva are proud to get the Palio for 2015 season

Dec 2015

The Palio movie, a perfect introduction!

The Palio documentary movie introduces you to the complexity of the race... Which is not really (only) a horse race!

Aug 2016

Palio 2016, Lupa triumphs!

Both Palii are brought in the Cathedral

After waiting for long  27 years, Lupa triumphs in 2016 with both Palii, what a great celebration for Lupa!